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Blog entry by bhumika dhingra

Face Mask Detector in just 10 minutes

Important links:

Sofia (Human-like Robot) - 

Funoppia FunAI IDE -

Funoppia Funzone  -

Projects Playground -

Mask it On Project -

Snapchat Filters -

Teachable Machine -

Mask Project Actual Code -

Steps to follow:

1. Open Projects Playground and find the project with name Teachable Machine.

2. Hover on the project & click on the Launch button.

3. Press Get started on the screen and then choose "Image Project". Then select "standard image model" and you will get to the following page.

4. Change "Class 1" as "With Mask" & "Class 2" as "Without Mask".

5. Use the "Webcam" button to add relevant images & create your dataset.

6. Now press "Train Model" button in the next step and wait!

7. Once the training process completes, you can test your Face Mask Detector Project. 

But, if you want to know what's happening behind the scenes & how this magic of AI is happening, then you can visit the Mask It On project code in the FunAI IDE

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