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Blog entry by Funoppia Admin

Multiplication table printer

Students find it difficult to learn multiplication tables. It’s boring and even confusing. So, let’s add fun in maths with coding & make it easy for kids to use technology to make their work easy. 

Maths + Coding = Fun Math project
Fun Math projects + Save & Share = Shareable Fun Math projects

Learn how you can code your own table printer & use it to learn multiplication tables. This project has been created at Funoppia’s FunAI IDE. Following are some important links for your reference.


  • The concept of loops. If you don’t know about it, you can easily learn it through a game by clicking here.

Important Links

· Funoppia’s FunAI platform, where you will create this project —

· Chase the Maze Game, to learn the concept of loops -

· Other Funzone Games to play —

· Projects Playground, to get exited & see what all things you can create with Coding —

· Multiplication table printer Project Code-

Steps to Follow:

  1. Open the FunAI IDE —
2. Create a variable and name it as “num”.


3. Attach an input block with the variable created and change the drop down to “Number”.


4. Now drag a “count with” block from a “Loop” category and attach it below the “set” Block.


5. Now drag a “print” block from Input and Output category and attach it inside “count” Block.


6. Now drag a “create text with” block from “text” category and attach it with “print” block.


7. Open the settings of the “create text with” block and dragging the “item” block towards right(below the other “item” blocks inside the popup).


8. Now first drag a “num” block from “variable” category and attach it with “create with text”. Then drag a “text” block and attach it below the “num” block. Then drag a “variable” block and attach it below the “text” block. Then again drag
a “text” block and attach it below as shown.


9. Now drag an “operator” block (the 2nd block) from “math” category and attach it at the following position shown.


10. Now drag the two variable blocks “i” & “num” from the “variables” category and attach them inside the math block you dragged earlier as shown below.


And you are done…Your multiplication table printer is ready!

Press the Run Button
& try the project!
You can even save the project & share it with your friends using the Save button present in the header. 

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