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Remember, the device which Ash used in Pokemon? Show the Pokemon and get it’s name.

Mask It On

Automatic detection of whether you are wearing a mask or not in this COVID situation.

Make A Face

A filter like snapchat could be made that easily? Try out what filters suit your face!

Mystery Note

A message which you and only your friend can read! Create a secret message which can be only decoded here!

Rock Paper Scissors

Remember your tie breaker game? Wanna see if a machine understands it or not?

BMI Calculator

Are you underweight, fit or overweight? Get your Body-Mass Index calculated based on your height and weight.

Truth and Dare

Interested in playing Truth n Dare game with your friends? Customize & create one for your own!

Cat v/s Dog

Can a machine differentiate between a cat or dog as humans do? Believe it or not, it’s possible!

Common Calculator

A calculator which supports all the basic operations a person may need in daily life.

Blinking bars

How does sorting takes place in a machine? Visualize and understand it by observing the bars.

What a number

Can a machine see what I write? How can it guess the number I doodle? Let’s find out!


Is it easy for a computer to differentiate between different objects like we do? Test it out yourself!

Learn To Balance

Ever trained a baby to balance and stand? Train a pole to balance on a cart for as long as possible.

Countersign Creator

Generate passwords as per your requirements and use them wherever you want. But, don't forget to save them with you!

ASK from Passage

Remember, read the passage question in school? Let computer help you with that!

Emoji hunt

Use your phone's camera to identify emojis in the real world. Can you find all the emojis before time expires?

Body In Parts

Identifying different body parts in a human body are easy for a human. But, a machine can also mark you with colors. Check it out!

Dead Or Alive

If you would have been on the Titanic, then you would have survived or not? It’s the time to find it out what would have been your future if you were on that ship!

Emotions As Emoji

What kind of emojis will suit the sentence you type? how whatsapp suggests you emoji's based on the word you type? Explore here!

Teachable Machine

Train a computer to recognize your own images, sounds, & poses. A fast & easy way to create machine learning models!

Contact Authenticator

Automatic validation of the email and phone number you type is possible. Want to see how?

Travel & Revel

Is it possible for a machine to identify some travelling photographs? Cars, fruit, people etc. Let’s find it out!


Play the old pacman game in a new way. Control the character like never before!

Changing base

Convert numbers with one base to another, like decimal to binary, binary to hexadecimal, etc.

Quick Draw

Draw a picture of an object or idea and then see if a machine can guess what the drawings represents!

Robo Car

Heard of Tesla, Google, Audi making self driving cars? Want to make one on your own? So, come on, let’s drive crazy!

The Forex

Convert between different currencies and find out the value for your money!

Pose To Detect

Drawing a line skeleton based on your body’s position is easy for a machine. Find out, how?

Fancy Words

Style your name in a way you like, by choosing a symbol from a wide variety.